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Biomass     Defined for MinnePlants(TM) as mostly cellulosic material, left over from farm or forestry opera-

                  tions. Referred to as residual biomass, to differentiate it from any biomass which has food value

Clean-up     of syngas in the contect of biomass gasification: removal of the contaminants

Contaminants of syngas include water, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, methane, hydrogen sulfide, ammonia,

                  hydrogen chloride, tars and fly-ash

CO             Carbon monoxide gas, as key component of syngas. MW ~ 28 g/mol, LHV = 10.9 MJ/kg

Gasification Converting a combustible organic or biomass material into a gas, which is composed primarily of

                  carbon monoxide (CO) and hydrogen (H2), especially if gasification occurs with little or no oxygen

                  (O2). Also present are "contaminants" to be removed,

Gasogen    A stove-like device attached to a vehicle, producing gas through the partial burning of            

                  charcoal or wood. From  http://www.energia.inf.cu/biblioteca/chapters/glossary.htm#F 

H2              Hydrogen gas, a key component of syngas. Mol.wt. ~ 2 g/mol and LHV = 120.1 MJ/kg

Learning Curve  Expresses the drop in product cost as the total number of produced items increases.  

                  Experience shows that for each doubling in number, the cost drops to 80 or 90% of its manufacturing

                  cost before doubling. See also: http://cost.jsc.nasa.gov/learn.html  

LHV           Lower heating value, in kJ/mole, MJ/kg, Btu/lb or kcal/mole

MinnePlant Trade name given to biomass conversion plants by MinneFuel, to produce fuels or fertilisers,  whereby

                  the first process step may be gasification, followed by syngas cleanup and catalytic  reaction to

                  fuels such as gasolina, diesel, ethanol and methanol, or ammonia-based fertilizers

MW           Molecular weight in grams/mole 

Producer Gas A gas obtained from gasification of biomass or coal, containing syngas plus its contaminants

Syngas      Short for synthesis gas, which is composed of CO and H2, typically in a ratio of H2/CO ~ 2.







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